October 2017 ///

Special Focus

Latest advancements in drilling riser analysis technology

Donogh Lang

Modeling software enables drilling operations in some of the world’s most challenging environments.

Combining several proven drilling technologies makes a compelling value proposition for CTD

Clare Miszewska-Hall

Well interventions in declining fields are viewed as challenging, yet increasingly necessary. Despite the difficulties, advanced drilling technologies and techniques can deliver increased yields and reduced costs over traditional intervention methods in legacy assets.

Back-up cutters prevail in hard and abrasive rock

Seth Anderle, Brad Dunbar, Shilin Chen

A new backup cutter layout extends bit life without sacrificing rate of penetration.


Redefining the stimulation strategy

Mohammad Rashed Al-Othman, Naser Bader Al-Houti, Mariam Al-Shuaib, Hamad Saeed Al-Mehanna, Wael Mahmoud, Pierre Ramondenc

A real-time downhole flow measurement service on coiled tubing boosts success in open-hole water injectors, in Kuwait

Uptick in activity spurs development of new bit technologies

Craig Fleming

Increased drilling activity associated with improving commodity prices is driving drill bit manufacturers to develop more efficient hydraulics for cuttings evacuation in softer formations, in addition to technologies designed to improve one-run success rates in challenging directional applications, and in hard/abrasive formations.

Shaletech: Niobrara Shale

Jim Redden

Drilling, production up amid new regulatory concerns

Proper timing is critical to increase fracture stimulation effectiveness

Neil Peterson

Understanding and analyzing a formation’s altered stress state during stimulation can lead to added fracture complexity, greater fracture surface area and improved drainage.

Regional Report: MENA

Emily Querubin

Middle East/North Africa grapples with production cut commitment, despite urge to boost output

Roughnecks to digit heads: The rise of the digital oil company

Fay Shong

The upstream industry is now in a unique phase in its history. Bringing digitalization into the mix, both in the field and in the office, is the next step in the industry’s transformation. Here is an analysis of where the effort stands.


First Oil

Kurt Abraham

Last month’s original topic was pre-empted by our tropical nemesis, Hurricane Harvey, so now we pick up the subject again.

Energy Issues

William J. Pike

What an interesting month we have had, here in the States.

Executive Viewpoint

Larry Kerr

Reliability matters. Over the past several years, our industry has learned this lesson the hard way.

What's New in Exploration

William (Bill) Head

What if a month went by, where no one reported any exploration activity, planned or past?

What's New in Production

Don Francis

Sam Charrington has some interesting things to say about artificial intelligence for industrial applications.

Oil & Gas in the Capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

“They asked for it, and now they are going to get it.”–U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, January 1943.

Offshore in Depth

Ron Bitto

The August 23rd election in Angola signaled the end of the 38-year rule of President José Eduardo Dos Santos, but it brought few expectations for change in the country’s politics, oil policies, or conditions for its impoverished citizens.

Drilling Advances

Jim Redden

While the definition of what constitutes an offshore or onshore rig as fully prepared for managed pressure drilling (MPD) varies widely, it is generally acknowledged that blanket adoption of MPD will remain elusive until the technology is universally perceived as an efficiency driver, rather than strictly a mechanism for drilling cantankerous wells.

The Last Barrel

Craig Fleming

The U.S. is experiencing a noticeable recovery, thanks in large part to the well-publicized production cuts by OPEC and Russia.

Innovative Thinkers

Emily Querubin

Dr. Jim Kaculi says he always “had a great desire to learn.”

News & Resources

World of Oil & Gas

Emily Querubin

InterMoor, an Acteon company, announced that it has moored the first privately-operated rig offshore Mexico since 1938.

Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming

Crude prices continued to climb, as production cuts by OPEC and Russia finally started to make meaningful inventory reductions at major storage facilities in the U.S. and South Africa.

People in the Industry

Emily Querubin

Weatherford International has appointed Karl Blanchard as executive V.P. and COO.

Companies in the News

Emily Querubin

Royal Dutch Shell and Petrobras have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to institute a long-term collaboration for the development of Brazil’s pre-salt fields.

New Products and Services

Alex Endress

Weatherford International plc announced the commercial release of the AutoTong system featuring AutoEvaluate connection-make-up software.