Issue: March 2017

Special Focus

Squeezing out that last drop of oil, using underbalanced coiled tubing drilling

Underbalanced coiled tubing drilling can help extract more production from existing wells, reduce project unpredictability and economic risk, and contribute to increased, efficient, long-term hydrocarbon extraction.

Pressure prediction system advances well control event detection and prevention

Drilling complex deepwater wells presents significant risks associated with narrow and uncertain formation pressure margins. Hazards include influxes, losses, gas in riser events, and stuck pipe events. Conventional pressure monitoring and control methods have proven inadequate in mitigating many of these dangers.

What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

This review is based on published technical papers and publicly available literature. The author does not endorse any specific technologies or service providers. The logging systems may be available as commercial services, or still in development and testing phases.

Leveraging survey design and de-blending in processing provides tailor-made seismic

Better data, quicker turnaround and less exposure are among the benefits derived from leveraging multiple sources in a marine towed streamer for tailored project solutions.

Shaletech Report: Completion Methods

Using a ball-activated sliding sleeve system, an operator completed an exploratory well in the Vaca Muerta shale that has the country’s longest lateral and highest initial production rate

Regional Report: East Africa

Recovering from a six-year drilling low that was reported last May, African E&P is slowly picking up the pieces. The region has seen numerous setbacks, despite having the potential to become one of the leading oil and gas producers and exporters in the world. Much of East Africa is riddled with severe debt and economic unrest, impeding investment and the development of infrastructure.

Show Preview: AAPG Annual Meeting

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), one of the world’s top geological societies, will be holding its Annual Convention & Exhibition (ACE) on April 2–5, at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, Texas.

Holistic optimization approach improves coring efficiency, sample quality

To acquire a high-quality core in as few runs as possible, and reduce operational costs, a provider must maximize ROP while ensuring efficient, safe surface handling of the rock sample and coring assembly. To satisfy these requirements, HT30 Max, a full-gauge core barrel system with jam mitigation technology, has been introduced.

Energy Issues

Human factors engineering

Executive viewpoint

From waste to asset: Avoiding EPA’s definition of sham recycling

First oil

U.S. concerns rise over Russian intentions in the Arctic

What's new in exploration

Where to find results of other people’s money!

The last barrel

CEOs say innovation, digital transformation are key growth drivers

What's new in production

The imperative of small-operator DOF

Oil and gas in the capitals

Oil prices and the process of ruble appreciation

Offshore in depth

Needing cash, Petrobras seeks foreign investment

Drilling advances

When bits meet spooks
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World of oil & gas

World of oil & gas

Industry at a glance

OPEC’s production cut put a floor under crude prices, as benchmarks averaged $54.60/bbl in February, but the prolonged stability has awakened U.S. shale plays.

People in the industry

People in the industry

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Companies in the news

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