August 2017 ///

Special Focus

High strength alloys and connection options for extreme HPHT wells

Bruce Bradley

Ultra-HPHT wells are challenging the limits of tubular performance, in terms of metallurgy and threaded connections. But higher pressures and temperatures are only part of the challenge. Carbon steel, hot-rolled chromium-based stainless steel, and cold-hardened materials are all options that must be considered to optimize economics in ultra-HPHT applications.

New workstring connection improves tubular performance, economics in horizontal wells

Keith Myers

Conventional tubular technology has imposed performance limitations and financial strain on horizontal well interventions. Premature upset wear, extensive redress charges and moderate torsional ratings are of increasing concern.


Large-diameter completion string saves time on landing and intervention operations

Guillaume Plessis, Andrei Muradov, Stephen Forrester, James Brock, Leianne Sanclemente

Early subsea wells used API drill pipe, which was available on the rig, to land production tubing and completion equipment from the surface vessel to the subsea wellhead. As total depths approached 30,000 ft, pressures increased beyond the capacity of standard API drill pipe and rotary-shouldered connections with gas-tight, metal-to-metal seals. This led to the development of dedicated completion tubulars, starting in the early 2000s, but further improvements were still possible.

U.S. operators are teed up for a drilling resurgence

Alex Endress, Craig Fleming, Kurt Abraham

Drilling activity is noticeably higher, as American drillers climb out from historically low levels.

Canada continues its fight for recovery during arduous times

Robert Curran

Amid increasing political uncertainty and a stagnant unemployment rate, Canadian operators are still fighting to regain E&P stability and drive pipeline projects forward.

Shaletech: Eagle Ford Shale

Jim Redden

Making hay in a temperamental market

Newfoundland and Labrador shrug off mediocre market, as offshore projects proceed

Kurt Abraham

Despite less than ideal oil prices, operators are proceeding with multiple field projects offshore Newfoundland, given their long timeframes. The exploration side of the local industry is also active, while provincial officials consider the next role for the long-serving, Bull Arm fabrication site.

Merit of hand-held drilling fluid sensor proved in field trials

Alan Finlay

An initial field trial of an advanced hand-held analyzer has shown its potential for rapid, effective testing and measurement of fluids.

Regional Report: Offshore Western Europe

Emily Querubin

Analysts see the region gearing up for a comeback

Evolution of technology funding in the UK North Sea

Ian Phillips

In 2014, the Scottish government created the Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), as part of a greater £120-million technology development program. OGIC is part of the UK and Scottish government’s rapidly evolving support for oil and gas exploration. To date, the organization has funded over 40 projects, valued at over £2.5 million ($3.25 million).

Inflatables solve a multitude of downhole restriction issues

Tim Davis

Advances in inflatable tools have enabled operators to rely on the technology throughout the life of a well. They can be configured as a packer or a bridge plug, be permanent or retrievable, and provide single-set or multi-set functioning. Because inflatables can have an OD two-to-three times the run-in diameter, they have a distinct advantage over conventional tools.


First Oil

Kurt Abraham

On July 30, either through their own free will, or through coercion and intimidation by their president, Nicholas Maduro, the citizens of Venezuela approved a new “Constituent Assembly.”

Energy Issues

William J. Pike

Producers have recently reacted to stagnant oil prices with announcements of cuts in capital spending.

Executive Viewpoint

Kevin Bowen

In July, the U.S. rig count plateaued at 953 rigs after 15 months of solid gains.

What's New in Exploration

William (Bill) Head

Does anyone in the television media know what E&P entities do, and what comprises energy companies?

What's New in Production

Don Francis

To continue our disquisition about replacing water in hydraulic fracturing operations, let’s look at a couple of long shots in that race.

Oil & Gas in the Capitals

Mauro Nogarin

Notwithstanding Latin America’s limited economic growth, exploration investments are the common denominator in the region’s major oil and gas plays.

Innovative Thinkers

Emily Querubin

Michael Fripp has remained consistent as an innovator throughout his entire life.

Offshore in Depth

Ron Bitto

As U.S. unconventional gas producers gear up to export LNG, one of their biggest competitors is a huge offshore natural gas field that straddles the international boundary in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf between Qatar and Iran.

Drilling Advances

Jim Redden

In a book described as “geek humor at its finest,” Spurious Correlations takes a look at data obsession and conspiracy theories through wacky attempts at drawing a linear link between the statistically debunked correlation and causation relationship.

The Last Barrel

Craig Fleming

On March 18, 1938, Mexican President Lázaro Cárdenas nationalized and/or expropriated all private, foreign and domestic oil companies, creating Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

News & Resources

World of Oil and Gas

Emily Querubin

Exxon Mobil has uncovered additional resources at the Payara reservoir in the Stabroek Block, offshore Guyana.

Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming

In spite of weakening OPEC compliance with output cuts, oil prices managed to hold steady around $47/bbl in July and flirted with $50/bbl during the last week of the month.

People in the Industry

Emily Querubin

John Flannery, president and CEO of GE Healthcare, has been elected as GE corporate’s new CEO. Flannery began his career with GE Capital in 1987, where he evaluated risk for leveraged buyouts.

Companies in the News

Emily Querubin

Expro has secured a $10-million well services contract extension with Apache North Sea to 2019.

New Products and Services

Alex Endress

Schlumberger has introduced the Pulsar multi-function spectroscopy service at the SPWLA 58th Annual Symposium.