October 2016 ///

Special Focus

Enhanced bearing pack technology improves motor reliability

Peter Shwets, Claire Kennedy, National Oilwell Varco; Omar Marsa, Compass Directional Services Ltd

To get the maximum performance from new power sections, downhole motors require bearing assemblies that can reliably withstand ever-increasing torque loads.

Directional drilling advances deliver tight-cluster, extended-reach wells in unconsolidated sands

Michael Phillips, Rodolphe Andre, Weatherford; Christophe Coudyzer, Pascal Blanchard, Addax Petroleum

Advances in directional drilling, logging while drilling (LWD) and well placement technologies have helped offshore operators reach new production targets, enabling wellbores to be threaded through geologically complex reservoirs and located many thousands of meters from a production platform.

Geosteering in complex lithologies utilizes full formation evaluation from mudlogging data

Francisco J. Bataller, Victor Hugo Goitia Antezana, Giulio Beda, Repsol E&P

Methodologies utilizing surface logging and advanced gas data, as an alternative to typical e-log formation evaluation, have aided geosteering in complex reservoirs and proven to be a solid, valid approach.


Challenging economics require drill bit improvements to lower break-even costs

Craig Fleming, World Oil

As the industry settles into a new normal, drill bit providers once again focus their R&D efforts on developing core technologies to further increase drilling efficiency, and drive down costs in demanding formations and difficult directional/lateral applications.

Integrated asset management connects the dots for optimized field development

Zainub Noor, Halliburton

Depressed commodity prices necessitate a renewed focus on integrated field planning and development strategies at every stage in the reservoir lifecycle.

Presidential nominees’ energy policies can potentially impact U.S. upstream industry

Dr. Roger Bezdek, Contributing Editor

There could hardly be a more stark difference than where the two major presidential nominees stand on upstream oil and gas matters. And then there is the problem of who might control the U.S. Senate.

ShaleTech: Niobrara Shale

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

“Go long” typical game plan, as key players consolidate holdings

Regional Report: MENA

Emily Querubin, World Oil

MENA output swells, as the region defends global market share

Wireline formation pressure testing benefits extended to low-mobility environments

Herman Nieuwoudt, Baker Hughes, a GE Company

Advanced, wireline-based formation pressure testing services, such as FTeX, allow operators to achieve sufficient pressure tests and acquire quality formation pressures, to better understand formation behavior prior to putting a well or field into production.


First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Some oil price relief appears—maybe

Energy issues

William J. Pike, World Oil

Up, down, spinning around

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Is “intuitive detective” still a valid moniker?

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Tearing down the walls

What's new in production

Don Francis, Contributing Editor

It’s about time

Offshore in depth

Ron Bitto, Contributing Editor

Disaster movie shines unwelcome spotlight on offshore industry

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek, Contributing Editor

Obama’s administration sends parting gifts to the industry

Executive viewpoint

John Genovesi, Rockwell Automation

Data and analytics take hold in oil and gas production

The last barrel

Roger Jordan, World Oil

More fracing hypocrisy

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