Integrated workflow optimizes completion, boosts production in Chinese tight oil well ///

China’s unconventional basins hold significant quantities of in-place oil and gas, but they have been largely underdeveloped, due to technical limitations in overcoming challenging reservoirs and geology. Tight oil reservoirs, featuring thin pay zones and low permeability and porosity, have historically yielded low or poor production using conventional exploration and appraisal practices. Unlocking production in these plays requires tools and technologies that go beyond standard methodologies. Over the past decade, technological advances have enhanced the industry’s ability to tap the potential of unconventional plays, both in North America and emerging markets, such as China. An important turning point was the realization that the heterogeneity and complexity of unconventional formations require detailed reservoir understanding. They also required the application of a disciplined and integrated workflow that can simulate or model hydraulic fractures to optimize the completion program.

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