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Since we just finished the largest oil and gas “show, convention and technology display” on the planet, the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, I thought that it is time to use the word, “Unconventional.” During 1980, I was once a project manager of an in-situ oil shale retort project. We were looking at reverse osmosis at the nano level, yet little did we (or I) imagine that someday, major oil companies would be looking at recovery from nano-Darcy perm. Robert (Loucks et al. 2009) also found that gas shale strata are composed of micro- and nanopores, with the majority being nanopores. These facts emphasize the importance of studying how gas flows in nanopores or nanotubes, which will be critical for shale gas stimulation and effective commercial production. (see http://petroleum.mines.edu/research/emg/SPE_papers/SPE-167179-MS.pdf). Don’t be surprised when you find someone is looking at pico-Darcy perm shale, below the diameter of a methane molecule.

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