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Special Focus

Open-hole, multi-stage verticals surpass conventional plug-and-perfs in Permian basin

Darrell S. Lohoefer, Brett Keener, Eagle Oil & Gas; DJ Snyder, Saiff Ezeldin, Cliff Wohleb, Packers Plus Energy Services

A comparison of production data from cemented and uncemented vertical wells in the Delaware basin area of the Permian basin showed that open-hole, multi-stage technology is a viable option for operators.

Real-time SAGR LWD improves Russian well success

Ildar Khanafin,, Weatherford Drilling Services; Alexey Petrov, Bator Darmaev, Verkhnechonskneftegaz

In the complex geology of Russia’s Verkhnechonskoye condensate field, the ability to build an accurate petrophysical model, to describe the present mineral composition, was a challenge.


Digital core flow simulations accelerate evaluation of multiple recovery scenarios

Mark A. Andersen, Schlumberger

Digital core flow simulations can now replicate familiar lab results.

What’s new in artificial lift?

Joe D. Woods, International Pinpoint; James F. Lea, PL Tech LLC; Herald W. Winkler, Texas Tech University

Part 2: In this second of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in ESPs, PCPs and plunger lift systems.

Integration of towed-streamer EM data with seismic and well logs yields total hydrocarbon volume

Johan Mattsson, Folke Engelmark, Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS)

A proof-of-concept was achieved by integrating towed-streamer EM data with 3D seismic data and well logs, to derive the total hydrocarbon volume in a vertical section through two reservoirs.

Regional Reort: Russia

Eugene Khartukov, MGMIO University

Russia’s upstream sector strives for dominance in an increasingly complex, global E&P industry

What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

Stephen Prensky, Consultant, Silver Spring, Maryland

Part 1: Logging-while-drilling (LWD) and openhole wireline logging. New LWD developments include an update on recent telemetry methods, improvements in directional survey accuracy, and LWD nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).

While EPA gathers water, prairie chickens rule the western U.S.

David Blackmon, Contributing Editor

Via the EPA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency, and other mechanisms, the Obama administration continues to promulgate rules and regulations that seem deliberately designed to impede E&P activity on both federal and private lands

ShaleTech: Bakken/Three Forks

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Decline rate, gas flaring top hit list of Williston operators

Showcasing early-stage oil and gas applications

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

The Oil & Gas Innovations Center’s 2014 Showcase presented new developments across the technology spectrum, from soluble films to remote video collaboration and nanotechnology-based chemicals, that may become practical oilfield applications in years to come.

Vacuum thermal desorption recovery of drilling fluids from cuttings

Dr. Jochen P. Zoller, DESTIMET Green Services GmbH; Reinhard Schmidt, econ industries GmbH

As operators contend with increasingly stringent regulations and ever-tighter budgets, a new technique, vacuum thermal desorption, offers an economical approach for removal of drilling fluids from cuttings.


Offshore in depth

Eldon Ball, Contributing Editor

Building a global subsea education, research alliance

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek, Contributing Editor

Carbon follies:  The EU’s ETS example

First oil

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

We’re the good guys

What's new in exploration

William J. Pike, World Oil

Drone on

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

No reasoning with the seasons

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

Production milestones and crude words

Executive viewpoint

Fatemeh Hoshdar, Institute for International Energy Studies

Robust oilfield technology planning system for developing countries

Innovative thinkers

Melanie Cruthirds, World Oil

Schramm: Smarter, smaller, safer, stronger

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Norway balances bright prospects against cost concerns

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Melanie Cruthirds, World Oil

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