What's new in shale technology ///

Weatherford has developed a lower-cost fueling solution for shale field operations, with its DF RamForce, a pumping unit powered by a 2,500-hp Caterpillar (CAT) engine and transmission, equipped with a dual-fuel conversion package. The package, labeled DGB (dynamic gas blending) by CAT, allows for the use of diesel, natural gas, liquid propane or CNG in various combinations. The result is a dependable, economical fuel alternative that saves money and reduces the number of diesel tankers required to fuel pumping unit fleets during operations. The DF RamForce is built specifically for dual-fuel applications, and includes all-CAT parts (engine, transmission and fuel system) to ensure system integrity. It will soon come equipped with Weir fluid ends composed of stainless steel, which hold up to heavy pumping and are field-proven to out-last conventional carbon steel fluid ends. In some cases, operators have been able to replace up to 70% of diesel usage with unprocessed field gas.

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