Drilling advances ///

Many of us painfully remember that best-forgotten stretch during the 1980s, when the “Big Crew Change” meant drilling engineers transitioned from designing wells to asking, “You want some fries with that?” With apologies to Bob Dylan, we are all keenly aware that the times most definitely have been “a changing.” Certainly, over the past few years, we have been reminded ad nauseam that, owing to an ever-graying workforce, a wholesale demographic shift is afoot in our industry. Even though the global economic slump put a cruel dagger in retirement savings and left many rocking chairs unoccupied for the time being, the demand for functional bodies and brains may never have been higher. Obviously, when you juxtapose the newbuild rigs set to enter the global offshore fleet with the continual intensification of unconventional onshore activity, it becomes abundantly clear why recruiters are among the busiest folks on operator, contractor and service company payrolls.

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