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Special Focus

Latest offshore rig designs geared to harsh environments, multi-faceted activity

New vessels and designs for deepwater drilling and completion are emerging. These designs feature more efficient handling, with increased safety features, for rig equipment, including drilling risers, drill pipe, casing, etc., to attain more cost-effective drilling and completion of deepwater wells.

Advanced mechanical services enable E-line interventions to bridge production gaps in subsea wells

Riserless light well intervention can effectively stimulate production in subsea wells, where workovers were once too expensive to justify.

Drilling vibration remedied during appraisal, ahead of field development

A successful exploration campaign, in conjunction with a consequent appraisal program, revealed a troubled interval, with a risk of failures from downhole vibrations. Based on the large number of prospected wells, the operator acted to remove the projected risk, while still in the appraisal phase.


Openhole gravel packing of fishhook wells with zonal isolation and uphill heel-to-toe packing

An alternative method for gravel packing fishhook wells uses conventional service tool configurations and results in very low friction pressure during the treatment, making it applicable to wells with narrow frac/pore-pressure windows.

Advanced cementing tools enhance well integrity

From swellable packers to port collars, one oilfield services company is tackling mechanical and non-mechanical cementing challenges around the world.

What’s new in well logging and formation evaluation

Part 2: Wireline Cased-Hole Logging, Coring, and Wellsite Evaluation—New developments include pulsed-neutron logging, casing integrity, flow profiling, intelligent tracers, nanoparticle contrast agents; wireline coring and pressure coring, core preservation, QC/QA of special-core analysis; cuttings-based correlation, mud-gas analysis, applications of advanced mud-gas analysis.

Regional Report West Africa

The region has one of the world’s leading oil and LNG sectors, with mega E&P projects coming onstream on a regular basis, despite a production decline in Nigeria, due to oil thefts and sabotage.

International global potential growing, but development lagging

Oil and gas operators throughout the world are exploring for shale plays with the same fervor by which astronomers are scanning the universe for signs of life. If there’s life on Earth, shouldn’t there be life on some of the billions of planets out there? Applying the same logic, where are the Bakkens and Eagle Fords in the rest of the world?

Marine seismic acquisition at Scott Reef: Minimizing environmental impacts in a sensitive location

Extensive bathymetric surveys and metocean work were critical for seismic coverage in a reef environment in Western Australia


First oil

Pramod Kulkarni

Person-to-person interaction in the Facebook age

What's new in production

David Blackmon

Texas legislators do minimal harm to producers in latest session

What’s new in exploration

William J. Pike

TGS, CGG are on the move

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

And, the twain shall meet

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Anas Alhajji

Syria’s oilfield nightmare grows bigger by the day

Executive Viewpoint

Thomas Böhm

Innovations from the new API 682 standard for mechanical seals and supply systems

Innovative thinkers

John Betz

Michael Woelk: Leak detection hits the streets

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham

Canada’s upstream exudes cautious optimism

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World of Oil and Gas

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Industry at a glance

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World Oil and NGL Production

World Oil and NGL Production Table

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Rotary Rigs Running in US

International Rotary Drilling Rigs

International Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Rotary Rigs Running in US (1)

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Shale Technology Review

Technology needs in North American shales require solutions

A recent survey found a number of shale-related issues that operators and technology providers are concerned about. It also found a significant trend toward greater natural gas usage in high-horsepower applications.

New Products & Services

Shale Technology Review: New Products & Services

G&G advances critical for shale definition and efficient development

Exploitation of unconventional resources, such as shale, calls for new exploration tools to address unique challenges.

Treatment is key to effective shale water management

Water is, by far, the largest component of frac fluids, and is usually the most difficult to source, recycle and dispose. There are many ways to minimize the amount of water that must be handled, but its effective treatment for reuse or disposal is becoming an increasingly critical aspect of shale development.

Horizontal well fracturing: A state-of-the-art report

Significant progress has been made in hydraulic fracturing over the last several decades, but several crucial factors remain to be addressed, particularly as pertain to horizontal sections.

New shale technologies, best practices

Horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracturing have been the technology enablers for shale gas and liquids exploration and production. In the early days, the operators thought this was all the technology they needed—drill down to the shale formation, kick off a horizontal lateral somewhere in the shale and start fracing. The results, of course, were inconsistent. Some wells produced at exceptionally high initial rates; others were low producers. Moreover, the wells were expensive to drill and produce.

Drilling the unconventionals for maximum reservoir exposure

Amid tight economics, shale enables drilling technology development in an unequaled spurt of creativity.


U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Oil Production

Selected World Oil Prices

Selected World Oil Prices Graph

World Oil Supply & Demand by Quarter

World Oil Supply & Demand by Quarter

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Rig Count

International Offshore Rigs

International Offshore Rigs

Workover Rig Count

Workover Rig Count

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph