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What industry leaders expect in 2014

As we expected 12 months ago, 2013 has been another healthy year for the global upstream industry, albeit on something of a plateau in North America.


Health, safety and environmental issues go hand-in-hand with cost savings

The upstream oil and gas industry has its own unique set of health, safety and environmental (HSE) challenges. Drilling, completion and production have become increasingly specialized and complex. Some techniques, pose an inherently high risk to the environment and to worker safety. The purpose of HSE technology is to provide products and services that minimize those risks.

ShaleTech: International - Countries make push for domestic reserves

Despite the abundance of unconventional oil and gas potential in all corners of the globe, North America remains the only region with a booming shale industry. However, a host of other countries are eager to emulate the region’s success and exploit their own, domestic shale resources. 

Regional Report: China

Even as its once-ethereal economy returns to the real world, China continues to wield tremendous clout in global oil and gas markets, as it looks outward and inward to narrow an ever-widening divide between consumption and domestic production.


First oil

Pramod Kulkarni, World Oil

Success through failures

What's new in exploration

William J. Pike, World Oil

Deghosting solutions still emerging

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Your subcontractor may be at risk

What's new in production

Henry Terrell, Contributing Editor

The Bakken shale and the Red Queen’s race

Offshore in depth

Melanie Cruthirds, World Oil

Evolving standards for Gulf of Mexico well containment

Oil and gas in the capitals

Mauro Nogarin, Contributing Editor

Colombia: Oil industry in contrast

Executive viewpoint

Chuck Drobny, GlobaLogix

Cloud computing and cybersecurity are fundamentally HR problems

Innovative thinkers

Melanie Cruthirds, World Oil

GlassPoint: Harnessing the power of the sun

The last barrel

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Global organizing of indigenous peoples is latest E&P headache

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