The ‘crew change’ challenge facing us all ///

For years, we have been hearing that message. Almost every speaker, journalist or interviewee refers to the “big crew change,” when asked about the major challenges faced by our industry. The danger is that we have heard this litany so many times, and many industry executives have become inured to it, shrugging it off like a bad memory that we do not want to recall. Well, it is time. Everyone is aware of the role that technology has played, providing us access to energy resources that are more difficult to find and even more difficult to produce cost-effectively. Despite the challenges, the industry has employed increasingly elegant technological solutions to address ever-more, elusive hydrocarbon resources. But massive oil and gas deposits are not the only dwindling resource. Qualified people are needed, too, and the traditional resource base of these special people has decreased as well, just as the demand for more diverse skill sets has escalated.

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