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Special Focus

Fiber-laden diverter system improves stimulation economics, enhances well performance

Use of a new diverter in Saudi Arabia has greatly impacted engineering practices and enabled treatment volumes optimization. The system lowers total diverter and acid usage per net pay, achieving consistent post-stimulation production performance.

Straddle-pack selective stimulation via coiled tubing improves production from Ekofisk chalk reservoir

Six non-productive zones of the first three wells were treated, using 28% hydrochloric acid. This resulted in a production increase in the three wells of close to 6,600 bopd, with increases in wellhead pressure averaging 60 psi.


Diagnostic tools for hydraulic fracturing

In-spite of our best efforts, hydraulic fracturing sometimes creates results that are different than our expectations.

Pilot program confirms technical, economic value of reusing produced water for fracturing in Permian basin

By using electrocoagulation technology to treat waste water at a fracing site, operators can reduced their use of freshwater and reduce water transport and disposal costs

Regional Report: The Arctic

Arctic exploration and development are hot commodities today, though some operators and governments say more stringent safety measures are needed

Subsea innovations focus on multifunctional production and intervention

New products for subsea production include a 5,000-psi helico-axial pump and an integrated production bundle. In the intervention sector, new developments include an auxiliary HP accumulator and a well intervention vessel

U.S. rig fleet contracts further, as activity continues to climb

As the gap between available and active rigs continues to close, the average rig fleet age is now younger.

ShaleTech: Unlocking the secrets of the U.S.’ largest onshore oil reserves: Monterey/Santos

In his introduction to United States Geological Society (USGS) Bulletin 268, Stanford University Professor J. C. Banner noted a peculiarity in the samples of Miocene-age forams that he extracted at a ranch in San Luis Obispo, Calif.


Drilling advances

Doubling down builds hefty pots

Energy Issues


Executive Viewpoint

Bridging the FPSO supply gap

First Oil

It’s the economy…and more

Innovative thinkers

Halliburton’s Jet Research Center: Testing perforating flow for extreme environments

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Coming to the U.S.: An unconventional fuels boom?

The Last Barrel

Gastech pointed to several trends in global gas picture

What’s new in exploration

Oil and power in Ecuador

What's new in production

Will the U.S. resume its “proper” place as Number One oil producer?

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