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Special Focus

Intelligent downhole production control improves project economics, lowers risk

An operator faced formidable challenges in an offshore field with multi-stacked reservoirs, including zonal gas-out, moderate aquifer strength and water invasion. The production solution for this complicated sandstone reservoir involved integrating surface-controlled downhole flow-control valves with data surveillance gauges, intelligent sensors and isolation packers into one single, intelligent completion joint.


Shale Tech: Bakken/Three Forks Infrastructure, takeaway woes only threats to high activity

Apart from an implausible oil price collapse, the only potential sidetracks to the continuation of unbridled exploration and production in the Bakken/Three Forks shale plays are an overwhelmed infrastructure and ever-growing logjams in moving production from fields to refineries.

GPS 2012 partners with SPE to host first-ever Heavy Oil Conference

Held bi-annually since 1968, the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) brings together 2,000 exhibiting companies and 60,000 attendees from 95 countries to promote discussion about Canada’s oil and gas operations.

Solving the challenges of time, temperature and pressure

Deep, hot wells challenge the most sophisticated downhole instrumentation to provide accurate, reliable answers. In India’s offshore KG basin, success was achieved with the use of a new quartz gauge.

What's new in artificial lift?

Part 1: In this first of two monthly reports, new innovations that improve operations and/or reduced expenses are described in the categories of Beam/Rod Pumping, Gas Well Dewatering and Gas Lift

Geology & Geophysics

Characterization of overburden anisotropy improves wellbore stability in North Sea field

A multidisciplinary team of consultants used advanced sonic measurements and offset well data to characterize the elastic properties of anisotropic shales overlying the reservoir in ConocoPhillips’ Eldfisk field.

EAGE preview: Technical innovation to support a sustainable future

Attending a technical conference has many benefits—exposure to new ideas and networking that can invigorate our work with a renewed optimism and fresh industry outlook.


Drilling advances

Drillers take “waste not, want not” to heart

Energy Issues

How lucky we are

Executive Viewpoint

Intelligent energy today

First Oil

Nothing crude about crude oil

Innovative thinkers

Harold Hamm:
The Bakken shale black gold wildcatter

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

New analysis of peak oil is refreshingly comprehensive

The Last Barrel

Western Europe is a study in fracing contradictions

What’s new in exploration

Exploration tested off Cuba

What's new in production

Natural gas–always the bridesmaid?

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