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MSI Oilfield Products has launched a new line of thread protectors, MSI MaxX, to meet the requirements of API 5CT Annex-I 9th edition. From an all-new plastic resin formulation, to the use of rib and stiffener support elements, to durable pads and diaphragms, these new thread protectors were designed to incorporate a synergistic system of features. The new line will offer thread protectors for 23/8-in., 27/8-in., 31/2-in., 41/2-in., 51/2-in., 7-in., 75/8-in., 85/8-in., and 95/8-in. API connections. In addition to providing durable thread protection, the MaxX line is also designed for ease of use. All MaxX thread protectors feature universal spanner holes, providing for fast installation and removal, while protecting the safety of the installer. The use of these spanner holes also allows for the installation and removal of nine sizes of boxes or pins with limited installation tools. The pin’s advanced plastic formulation is designed for durability and impact resistance, while the stiffeners on the bottom of the diaphragm and ribs on the top are designed to maintain stability of the diaphragm while also absorbing and dispersing the energy from impact. The auxiliary installation/removal feature is designed to be used with commonly-found tools on a rig site. The MaxX line is the only thread protector independently tested to all combinations of the API 5CT Annex-I 9th edition standards of impact energy orientation and temperature extremes.

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