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Special Focus

Improving drilling results with a real-time performance advisory system

The development of the Performance Advisory System has provided a technology capable of integrating a variety of data sources to deliver sound advice and encourage the driller to take actions to improve drilling performance.


Shale Tech: Marcellus/Utica Liquids-rich gas production Tempers effects of low gas prices

As of March 2012, nearly 12,000 well permits had been issued in Pennsylvania, where the majority of Marcellus shale development is concentrated. More than 80% of these permits were horizontal. In West Virginia, natural gas drillers have completed nearly 1,600 Marcellus wells since 2006, with another 1,273 wells still in development.

Mobility and conformance control for carbon dioxide EOR—Part 2

Part 2. This article is the second in a four-part series based on a U.S. Department of Energy study reviewing 40 years of CO2-EOR research. In this installment, lab-scale CO2-in-brine foam studies to reduce CO2 mobility are examined.

Recent developments in well logging and formation evaluation

Part I: New developments include ultra-slim wireline logging tools, ultra-deep azimuthal resistivity LWD device and permanent downhole installation of fiber-optic sensors for well and reservoir monitoring.

Regional Report - Australia: Excessive costs, sluggish approval process could slow Australia’s push to be world leader in LNG exports

As Australia accelerates its drive to become the world’s premier liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter—sooner rather than later—oil (what there is of it) continues to reside on the nation’s energy backburner.

Risk attitudes shape national oil company strategies

NOCs can choose to take, avoid or manage risk, with important implications for their home countries and for global oil markets.

Deepwater Brazil: Standardized FPSOs accelerate pre-salt work

To enhance the local content share of infrastructure investments, as well as to accelerate the pre-salt development, the consortia for BM-S-09 and BM-S-11 decided to design and build eight similar FPSOs, known as “replicant FPSOs.” The first of these vessels will begin production in 2015.

What's new in artificial lift?

Part 2: In this second of two monthly reports, new innovations that improve operations and/or reduce expenses are described in the categories of ESPs/downhole pumps; chemical and injection pumps; and measurement/surveillance devices, along with recent items that arrived after Part 1 went to print.


Drilling advances

SPE confab looks at detecting, relieving pressures

Energy Issues

Let the idiocy continue

Executive Viewpoint

“Big data” needed more than ever

First Oil

God works in mysterious ways

Innovative thinkers

Bob Fogal:
The mind behind the past, present and future of offshore rig design

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

The U.S. still needs the Middle East

The Last Barrel

Ethanol epitomizes U.S. federal stupidity

What’s new in exploration

Macrostratigraphy—it’s all about tying the packages

What's new in production

EPA: Do you emit gas? If so, what kind and how much?

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