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What industry leaders expect in 2013

Sustained, relatively strong oil prices, a high level of shale oil activity in the U.S., and major projects in several other regions continue to drive a healthy worldwide E&P industry. While reductions in gas-directed wells have cause rig counts to hit a plateau and even decrease in some parts of the U.S., the core of activity, the exploitation of shale oil plays, remains strong.


Acquiring seismic data in the Arctic’s environmentally sensitive areas

An ice management philosophy of avoidance, rather than interacting with ice, contributed significantly to the successful completion of seismic projects. There were no ice-related incidents, despite the high rate of data acquisition.

Designing and operating electrical submersible pumps for extended run times

The run life of an electrical submersible pump (ESP) today should not be measured in months, but rather in years, with expected run times of five years or more. These successful run times can be attributed directly to an appropriately designed ESP, containment of fines and sands, and fully implemented monitoring.

Innovative acquisition techniques improve data quality on Alaska’s North Slope

First-ever, high-productivity, slip-sweep, high-resolution 3D survey acquired on the North Slope sets new standards in Arctic seismic.

ShaleTech: International assessments continue, development lagging

IOCs, NOCs and independents are active around the world, attempting to replicate the success of North American shale plays.

Regional Report - China: NOCs scramble to narrow the ever-widening supply-demand gap

With China’s oil and gas giants continuing their global buying bender and showing no signs of closing their wallets anytime soon, it’s easy to overlook the spirited onshore and offshore drilling campaign taking place within the country’s ample borders as it struggles to quench an unequaled thirst for energy.


Drilling advances

JIP to advance impact-free drilling

Energy Issues

Good old shale oil

First Oil

Search for El Dorado

Innovative thinkers

Saeed Mubarak: Intelligent fields: The norm not the exception

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Is Europe moving from Green to Gas?

The Last Barrel

Four more years of the South Side of Chicago

What’s new in exploration

Forty million acres went up for auction in 2012

What's new in production

At these pressures and temperatures, we’d better stick together

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Effective tension in pipes and risers: A bold but simple concept

The Effective Tension Concept is easy to understand, and simple to use; it models perfectly correctly the bending effects induced by hydrostatic pressures acting in, and on, pipes and risers.