November 2011
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Vol. 232 No. 11




New expandable liner hanger system

Baker Hughes has introduced the TORXS system, an expandable liner hanger system that is installed and released prior to the cement job, which eliminates the risk of the running tools becoming fixed in place during cementing, requiring fishing or well abandonment. The system can be used across a broad range of applications, including deepwater, subsalt plays, deviated wells, extended-reach wells and monobore completions. TORXS enables seamless, one-trip, two-stage hanger and packer setting for cemented liner applications. Setting the packer independently mitigates the risk of becoming stuck in wet cement. There is also no need to add retarders that compromise the cement formulation or extend the cement pumping time.

Debris breaker reduces descaling time by 75%

Peak Well Systems has followed up the initial field trials of its 4½-in. Torque Action Debris Breaker with a smaller version designed for 2⅞-in. to 4½-in. tubing where the buildup of scale reduces productivity.  In its first deployment with service provider SGS Australia, the tool significantly reduced intervention time by over 11/2 days on one well, allowing production to resume faster than ever before.

High-pressure viscometer software upgrade

Cambridge Viscosity has released a new version 2.0 of its well-known PVT software. Users can now save graph images in a variety of image formats, including a “Save Window” feature; use time zoom, pause and “add comment” graph functions; and extend graphing colors and settings. The software combines Cambridge’s VISCOlab PVT processor with an advanced SPL440 sensor and employs an integrated recirculating bath that controls temperatures from -20°C to 190°C, while minimizing warm-up time and space requirements.  The system also incorporates a simple three-valve plumbing configuration to control sample flow.

New software to perform linear referencing

New Century Software has introduced its latest product to streamline the process of creating a pipeline centerline and simplify the tasks associated with linear referencing. The Centerline Design Toolkit is a robust and easy-to-implement Esri ArcMap extension that adds to the already large portfolio of software products tailored to help oil and gas operators increase the accuracy and integrity of GIS pipeline data. The system consists of a number of individual tools for viewing and creating linear data, which simplify common tasks that can be difficult to perform with complex geo-processing work flows, such as connecting GPS points to create a line, assigning 2D or 3D measures, and generating events with stationing.

Increased power, updated electronic controls for offshore generator set

Caterpillar has released its new Cat C280-16 generator set with 10% increased power. The C280 generator set is now available at 5,359 ekW, 900 rpm and features electronic upgrades. This increased power provides power density while maintaining reliability and durability for offshore environments. The C280 engine family meets EPA Marine Tier 2 and IMO Tier II emissions standard and is suited for semisubmersible rigs, offshore supply and service vessels, drillships and pipelayers.

Measurement schematic modeling software

GuildOne has unveiled its Facility Studio, a modeling tool for building measurement schematics used to keep track of how fluids are transported from the well to downstream facilities.  With the input of industry experts, GuildOne has developed a program that auto-generates measurement schematics from databases and adds to them the powerful insights of data mining. The software constructs fully digital diagrams filled with metadata that give more detail on the wells, compressors, flares and meters.

Bypass oil filtering technology

The puraDYN TF-240 system, the largest bypass oil filtration system offered by Puradyn Filter Technologies, traps solid contaminants down to below 1 micron and removes gaseous and liquid contaminants. A single TF-240 will provide micro-filtration for engines with oil capacity of 75 gal and is designed to be used in multiples on large oil rigs, where engines can hold more than 400 gal. The puraDYN system allows oil to properly maintain viscosity and chemical balance through the additive replenishment design incorporated in the replacement filter element, keeping the engine running exceptionally cleanly and efficiently. The resulting decrease in downtime and increased productivity makes it ideal for use in remote locations, with rigs that have a high oil sump capacity and need to be operable 24/7.

Touch-screen digital flow computer

Krohne has released its Summit 8800 Digital Flow Computer, which features a touch-screen graphic display and dramatic performance, handling and interoperability improvements over standard flow computers. An extensive feature set supports the latest developments in metering, data handling and system maintenance. The computer is ideal for a wide variety of custody and process applications, including metering oil, gas, wet gas, steam and water, bulk chemicals batching, heat exchanger metering and logging.

Fit-for-purpose well testing equipment

Halliburton has developed its fit-for-purpose well testing equipment to assist Brazilian independent HRT Participações em Petróleo with its efforts to optimize exploration and production in one of the most logistically challenging areas of the world, the Amazon. Many of the locations in the field can only be reached by helicopter. To overcome this challenge, Halliburton designed and deployed the Heli Lift SWT Package, which includes a four-phase separator integrated into the system. The package was built to meet the carrying weight limits of the helicopters in keeping with international standards (NACE MR-175, ANSI and DNV 2.7-1 and 2.7-3). The four-phase separator helps eliminate the need for bulky and costly traditional sand-handling equipment and the inherent operational difficulties. It also streamlines rig operations by helping eliminate costly rig time associated with the removal of produced solids.


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