Issue: February 2011

Special Focus

Gas price stagnation will drag down drilling, production in near term

But ballooning reserves resulting from shale development may soon make gas the electrical feedstock of choice and change the US to an LNG exporter.

Global upstream budgets to rise 11%

Capex outside North America is indicated to rise 12%, led by supermajors rather than the state-owned companies that have dominated in the past.

Growth in the face of adversity

Outlook 2011: US Drilling

New Congress digs in its heels

Leaders of the incoming Republican House majority take aim at the Obama administration’s planned oil and gas regulations.

Oil drives Canadian upswing

There’s a recovery in Canada, but driven by oil prices as the hoped-for recovery in gas prices never occurred.

Oil, gas production increase, but at a more modest pace

Outlook 2011: U.S. Production

Rig count recovering, led by oil drilling

 Outlook 2011: U.S. Rotary Rigs

Rising oil prices, shale exploration accelerate US reserves growth

Outlook 2011: U.S. Reserves

Supermajor spending to spur steady gains in international drilling

Outlook 2011: Worldwide

US gas well count drops slightly

Outlook 2011: Producing Gas Wells

US oil wells see slight increase in 2010

Outlook 2011: Producing Oil Wells


LNG industry proves resilient

Facing tough economic conditions and an unexpected US gas surplus, operators have redirected supplies and reconfigured facilities to exploit new opportunities.

New polymer chemistry extends temperature range of water control

In highly fractured reservoirs onshore and offshore Mexico, the ability to effectively stop water coning at temperatures exceeding 250°C greatly extended the life of producing wells.

An unconventional play with conventional E&P constraints

Complex geology requires Woodford Shale operators to apply traditional methods to explore for and produce shale oil, gas and condensates.

Improving shale gas production through accurate well placement

Integrating LWD technology for post-drilling assessment enhanced horizontal well planning, placement and completion.


Drilling advances

Headlines from tomorrow’s newspaper

Editorial comment

The mathematics and art of forecasting

Innovative thinkers

Lessons learned from Montara, Macondo and beyond

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Philippines addresses Palawan security as oil stakes increase

What’s new in exploration

New approaches characterize mudrocks

What's new in production

Big potential, tough going, for the big lake

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Companies in the news

Companies in the news

Industry at a glance

Oil markets turned significantly stronger in October on higher-than-expected demand, lower OECD inventories and a weaker dollar.

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

New products

New Products and Services

People in industry

People in industry

World of Oil and Gas

Eni produces first oil offshore Alaska
Industry At A Glance

International Geophysical Activity

International Geophysical Activity

International Offshore Rigs

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Rig Count

International Rotary Drilling Rigs

International Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Monthly US Gas Prices and Trends ($/Mcf)

Monthly US Gas Prices and Trends ($/Mcf)

Selected World Oil Prices

Selected World Oil Prices Graph

U.S. Geophysical Activity

U.S. Geophysical Activity

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Oil Production

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

U.S. Rotary Drilling Rigs Graph

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Rotary Rigs Running in US

Workover Rig Count

Workover Rig Count

US Workover Rigs

US Workover Rigs

World Oil and NGL Production

World Oil and NGL Production Table
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