Issue: October 2009

Special Focus

Best practices for salt drilling in the Gulf of Mexico using rotary steerables

In drilling, experience has always been the best teacher, and improved efficiency and safety have topped the drilling report card.

Fatigue management extends drill pipe life

Proper wear management helped complete a multi-well program and saved money on logistics, while using a single drillstring.

New drillbit offerings keep pushing the envelope

Improvements in hardness and durability have yet to approach a limit. Even roller-cone bits are being improved with new metallurgy.


Capturing digital rock properties for reservoir modeling

Comparative analysis shows that a digital core and a real core compare favorably when digital and real experiments are run.

Evaluating antifoam chemistries for heavy oil production

Innovative test methods in the lab and at the wellsite were used to evaluate the effectiveness of foam control products.

Measuring liquid levels in the oil field

Recommendations are offered for liquid level measurement at the various stages of oil production, as well as a drilling and a pipeline scenario.

Self-cleaning screen improves recovery, avoids costly workovers

Testing of a prototype sand screen with a surface-operated back-flush mechanism found that the tool efficiently and reliably removed sediment, allowing uninterrupted fluid inflow to the wellbore.

Single-trip, gravel-pack-and-treat reduces well completion costs

The STGPT system provides a completion where the gravel packing and the acid treatment of a zone can be performed in a single workstring trip.

Two decades of 4D geophysical developments—experiences, value creation and future trends

Seismic data continues to be the high-value leader in time-lapse monitoring, but gravity, EM and other methods will come into use in the near future.

US gas: Demand, supply and reserves

Demand for natural gas is rising while production of conventional natural gas is shrinking. Production of unconventional gas is growing, and combines with imports to fill the gap.


Drilling advances

Frac furor attracts unlikely bedfellows

Editorial comment

New rules for traders, gamblers and capitalists

Exploration discoveries

Monthly updates of exploration discoveries throughout the globe.

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Where next for StatoilHydro?

What’s new in exploration

A Haynesville Shale symposium

What's new in production

New produced water study: Where it comes from, where it goes


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Companies in the news

Companies in the news

Exploration discoveries

Monthly updates of exploration discoveries throughout the globe.

Industry at a glance

August global oil supply fell by 360,000 bpd, with the United Kingdom falling the most, from 1.52 million bpd in July to 1.08 million bpd in August.

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Meetings and Events

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New Products

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People in the Industry

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Det norske, Aker boards approve merger
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