Issue: June 2009

Special Focus

Bit and BHA vibrations overcome

Stick-slip and lateral vibration become decoupled by replacing stabilizers with roller reamers at drillstring nodes.

Planning optimal casing points

Vol. 230 No. 6    SPECIAL FOCUS: DRILLING AND COMPLETION TECHNOLOGY Planning optimal casing points A new algorithm and program were used to plan casing points in Persian Gulf wells.   Rasool Khosravanian, M. B. Aryanezhad, Seyed J. Sadjadi and Farnaz Barzinpour

Lightweight cementing seals depeleted zones

A lightweight cement lead slurry sealed underpressured reservoirs, saving up to $4 million in remedial squeezes.


Simulations reveal mechanisms of seismic waves for EOR

The pore-scale effects of seismic stimulation on two-phase flow are numerically modeled in random two-dimensional grain-pack geometries.

Shallow water 3D multiple attenuation: A case study in methods

Comparison of more traditional 2D SRME and a 3D GSMP algorithm showed that the latter could remove complex 3D multiples that were previously a barrier to detailed seismic interpretation.

Membrane-based desalination process treats steamflooding produced water

The treatment produces high-quality water suitable for aquifier recharge with low waste volumes.


Drilling advances

Planning for Arctic drilling

Editorial comment

Ocean thermal energy, ammonia and other dreams

Exploration discoveries

Exploration discoveries

What’s new in exploration

Vol. 230 No. 6   ARTHUR BERMAN, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR BERMANAE@GMAIL.COM   A long recovery for gas prices: Revisiting the Haynesville Shale Natural gas prices increased 39% from a 61/2-year low of $3.19/MMBtu on April 27, 2009, to $4.42 on May

What's new in production

Seismic stimulation shakes up the reservoir

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Does the Saudi budget oil price set the floor in world oil markets?
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June 2009

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  Vol. 230 No. 6   April global oil supply increased by 230,000 bpd to 83.34 million bpd. OPEC’s crude production in April broke a seven-month downtrend, increasing by 390,000 bpd from a 100,000 bpd increase in Iran and an increase in the amount of NGL and condensa

Meetings and Events

Meetings and Events

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New Products

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People in the Industry

World of Oil

China loans Kazakhstan $5 billion for oil; Weatherford, Iraqi deal; OTC turnout holds strong; Norway’s Antarctic claim

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International Geophysical Activity

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International Rotary Rigs

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U.S. Geophysical Activity

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U.S. Workover Rigs

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Simulations reveal mechanisms of seismic waves for EOR

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