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This month I’m returning to one of my favorite topics, safety. However, this isn’t just about safety practices, procedures and personal protection equipment; it’s about people, especially those who just seem to have more accidents than others. If you’ve worked in the field very long, you’ve seen them—folks that seem to attract accidents like rig lights attract rattlesnakes when drilling at night. When I worked in the field, we called these guys lightning rods. What causes these people to be so accident-prone? There are several reasons: 1. Age and inexperience—Statistics show that younger people, usually males, with little or no rig experience get hurt more often than others. Many don’t know enough about the operation to understand when and where to be cautious. Coupled with that is the young workers’ bulletproof attitude. This combination means that they place themselves at risk without knowing or caring, since they have not yet experienced an accident.

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