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Expandables provide well construction solution in Lower Tertiary discovery (Jul-2009)

A narrow pore pressure window near a higher-pressure zone meant that setting casing and reducing the size of the subsequent conventional string would leave very little room for any event that might force a further reduction in well diameter.

Mitigating drilling hazards with solid expandable profile liners (Jul-2009)

Expandable systems have been used in the FSU for lost circulation since 1978.

New offerings fill in the gaps of expandables technology

As this technology becomes well established, step-change innovations are less common, while new applications expand to meet operators’ drilling challenges.

Ultra-high-strength drill pipe expands the drilling envelope (Jul-2009)

A new lightweight steel alloy will allow wells to be drilled farther and deeper.


Considerations for development of Marcellus Shale gas (Jul-2009)

Operators are working to optimize fracture patterns for improved production and to ensure containment and efficient use of frac fluids.

Low-frequency drillbit seismic while drilling (Jul-2009)

A low-frequency sparker source within the drillbit is used for seismic while drilling, enabling real-time imaging in deep HPHT wells.

Sensitivity of deepwater floating facilities to new metocean criteria (Jul-2009)

Testing on the three most common types of floating structures in the Gulf of Mexico reveals considerable differences in how each responds to the new standards.

Southeast Asia continues to plan its energy future

Operators are working to optimize fracture patterns for improved production and to ensure containment and efficient use of frac fluids.

Weak acid stimulates San Andres

The use of slowly reacting acetic acid at low treatment rates resulted in improved oil output while controlling watercut.


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Global warming consensus, giant insects and musings from the closet

Exploration discoveries

Exploration discoveries

Glimpsing North Africa’s deepwater potential

Deepwater Statistical Report

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Does the Saudi budget oil price set the floor in world oil markets?

What’s new in exploration

Mozambique heats up

What's new in production

Seismic stimulation shakes up the reservoir

World of Oil

China loans Kazakhstan $5 billion for oil; Weatherford, Iraqi deal; OTC turnout holds strong; Norway’s Antarctic claim

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  Vol. 230 No. 7   May global oil supply fell by 190,000 bpd to 83.37 million bpd. OPEC crude oil production in May again increased, by 170,000 bpd to 33.38 million bpd, about 1.1 million bpd over the group’s target. OPEC opted to hold output targets steady at its May 28 meeting in Vienna.

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