Snubbing: Now an everyday service that is improving safety ///

Although formerly used when more traditional well control methods were ineffective, snubbing is now an integrated mainstream operation that has proven to be both safe and cost-effective in maximizing productivity and reducing costs. Completion and workover programs now use snubbing as the preferred strategy to protect the formation from contamination and reduce the cost of well construction. In Canada, the snubbing industry has grown from three snubbing companies with 12 units in the late 1970s to more than 100 snubbing units operated by over 14 companies and is still growing steadily. The Canadian snubbing industry worked hard to standardize equipment, practices and procedures, as well as to coordinate employee competency in the 2000s. We in the snubbing industry strive and succeed at being recognized as a safe and cost-effective way to perform completions and workovers on oil and gas wells. Industry Recommended Practices 15 (IRP15) covers, but is not limited to, crew competency, equipment

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