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Crystal balls....Isn’t that what you’re supposed to look into when you predict the future? I’ve been through 10 of these forecasts, and by far, this was the toughest one. One reason is because, while we were trying to determine well counts and rig counts for last year, and to gauge operators’ plans for this year, the situation was changing rapidly. December was nearly a freefall in rigs in many areas, and the first three weeks in January were not much different. Still, there was reason for optimism. But first, a word about the “dismal science”; that is, economics. The really odd thing is, in order to get the economy (in many ways, the world economy) rolling again, the US has to do much of the same things that got it into this mess to begin with: create “easy money,” loaning to less-than-sterling borrowers; allow mergers that will create even bigger corporations that are “too big to fail”; deficit spend in the extreme; borrow money from anywhere it can; sell off the US (land, assets and businesses)

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