Issue: April 2009

Special Focus

Spotlight on new technology

  • Baker Hughes Inc. receives two Spotlight awards for fourth consecutive year
  • Subsea electronics module offers better communication
  • Coil shooting enhances WAZ and MAZ techniques
  • System combines freshwater injection and crude-freshwater mixing
  • Pulse technology extends battery life
  • Dynamic curvature sensor detects problems early
  • Power suction tool more effective at debris recovery from producing wells
  • Subsea monitoring systems record buckling
  • Industry’s first one-trip Level 4 multilateral system
  • Diamond radial bearings offer greater abrasion resistance
  • LNG loading system allows new transfer methods
  • New method challenges drilling limitations
  • Acoustic system provides full control for subsea BOP equipment


OTC 2009 will focus on new technology and the economic environment

Topics ranging from price volatility to Arctic exploration will pack this year’s OTC schedule.


A new approach to pipeline intervention

Typical subsea pipeline intervention scenarios are performed with divers. Subsea 7 has been working on the development of a new subsea hot-tap technology, the Subsea Grouted Tee, which will reduce risk, costs and time during intervention operations.

Chemical treatments for paraffin evaluation and control

Successful inhibition in the field depends on good laboratory techniques that mimic the process system and field deposition models.

Clad linepipe overcomes corrosion losses

The increase in corrosive environments has led to an increased demand for CRAs.

Condition monitoring of subsea pumps can prevent unplanned intervention

Tracking key performance indicators eliminates unnecessary downtime.

Expandable liner hanger deployed after CDD

When ConocoPhillips decided to conduct Casing Directional Drilling (CDD) operations from a platform in the Norwegian North Sea, the well design required that the drilled-in 7¾-in. production casing string be converted into a liner before completion.

Interview with Dr. Ties Tiessen, Executive Director of Wintershall AG

German producer calls for royalty relief

Interview with Mike O'Brien Minister of State for Energy, UK Department of Energy and Climate Change

New UK department seeks balance of environmental, consumer needs

Managing P&A at BP’s Miller Field

The North Sea decommissioning process is gathering momentum. One of the biggest projects underway is the decommissioning of BP’s Miller Field, where well abandonment activity is at an advanced stage.

New water sensor may allow easy well monitoring

A new sensor detects the downhole fluid level, allowing for easy well monitoring and therefore extending the life of downhole pumps.

The importance of tubular alignment

Of all the components involved in running tubulars, the “Cinderella” of the operation is the casing centralizer. Unexciting, unnoticed and occasionally unattached, the centralizer usually goes unremarked until it fails or a centralization problem occurs.

What’s new in artificial lift

Part 1—Introducing developments in ESPs, sucker rod pumping and gas lift.

Ceramic membranes for produced water treatment

Already widely used in other industries, these materials are being investigated for oilfield use as a more-robust alternative to polymer membranes.

Interview with Marco Cercato, President of European Oil and Gas Innovation Forum

Industry group seeks more EU support for oil R&D

Using the Hubbert equation to estimate oil reserves

The method makes no assumptions regarding ultimate recoverable oil. Neither are assumptions made about future discoveries, and reserves growth plays no part.

Record-breaking temperatures challenge MWD/LWD tools

Drilling with HPHT tolerant tools helps prove a multi-Tcf gas field.

Innovative damper reduces impact from flow-related forces

Tubulars in oil and gas production facilities, offshore facilities, refineries and other industrial settings are subject to impulsive dynamic forces such as water hammer, seismic phenomena and other impact forces deriving from unpredictable handling or anomalous process conditions.

Interview with Ølvind Reinertsen, President of StatoilHydro USA & Mexico

Interview with Ølvind Reinertsen, President of StatoilHydro USA & Mexico (Apr-2009)

Testing a new software system for drilling supervision

Vol. 230 No. 4   DRILLING TECHNOLOGY Testing a new software system for drilling supervision Real-time monitoring, simulation, 3D visualization and diagnosis help drillers anticipate problems.    Rolv Rommetveit and Sven Inge Ødegård , eDrilling Solutions; Knut S

Tests of a new stimulation device show improved fluid flow

Two wells had improved production after timed-explosive dilation.


Drilling advances

Low-force shear rams

Editorial comment

Vol. 230 No.4   PERRY A. FISCHER, EDITOR Horse hockey and other equine economics I remember it almost to the day: It was in December 1981. I was hammering on a roof, listening to the radio, when it suddenly became OK to flaunt wealth. It was

Exploration discoveries

Exploration discoveries

Oil and Gas in the Capitals

Europe’s natural gas worries: A tripartite mess in two ways

What’s new in production

Cap and trade’s fall from inevitability
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April 2009

Industry at a glance

In February, US workover and US rotary rigs continued to freefall. The US workover rig count fell to 1,947, down 20.7% from 2,455 in February 2008 and down 9.5% from 2,152 the previous month. Rotary rigs running in the US fell to 1,320, down 25% from 1,765 in February 2008 and down 15% from 1,553 the previous month. Despite the falloff in US rigs, the international rotary rig count remained stable at 1,530 in February.

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Meetings and Events

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New Products

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People in the Industry

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CNOOC plans $44 billion investment; Japan and Venezuela sign agreement;Tullow gets Uganda go-ahead;CNOOC starts Bozhong relaunches as the new World Oil Online

The new site testifies to Gulf Publishing Company’s continued investment in editorial excellence.

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