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Special Focus

Electro-thermal pilot in the Athabasca oil sands: Theory versus performance

An energy-efficient process yields recovery factor of at least 75%.

Flow assurance chemistry found effective at high watercuts

Two field studies demonstrate that a new anti-agglomerate low-dosage hydrate inhibitor does not affect oil/water quality.

Optimizing surfactants to improve stimulation flowback in tight gas wells

Choices about fracturing fluid additives can affect production.

Seawater pumps need the right materials for corrosion control

Whether corrosion comes from galvanic effects or marine organisms, in flowing seawater or stagnant seawater pumping operations, matching the right materials and costs for the right application is paramount.


Breaking infrastructure constraints by accelerating project execution

Project execution management can dramatically increase profits and accelerate cash flow for all participants in the infrastructure supply chain.

Deepwater development off Brazil presents unique challenges

Four fields with differing characteristics require a nimble and varied development plan. The challenges are being met with a combination of existing technologies, some of which are still uncommon, and the introduction of some truly new ones.

Developing a business case for subsea light well intervention

It can be difficult to justify the cost of subsea intervention other than to enhance production. In the West of Shetland, BP established other sources of value for intervention.

Developing new evaluation tools and techniques for complex projects

A Shell team creates a more inclusive approach to planning for unconventional hydrocarbons.

Digital oil field brought from concept to development in a year

A solution for improving production optimization through enhanced decision support proves its business value and reveals new information management opportunities.

FPR approach to wellbore strengthening eliminates lost circulation

The alternate approach also lowers fracture initiation pressure.

Integrating business and technical workflows helps achieve asset-level production optimization

Flexible production workflow automation is providing significant advantages for automation and enhancement of all production workflows.

New PDC bit designs continue to improve

While roller cone bit technology still continues to make advances in insert shape, carbide composition and hydraulics design.

Not just women's issues

An author from Chevron discusses how companies can help employees achieve a favorable work-life balance.

WDDM development expands power and hydraulic systems

Meeting the new needs of the deepwater Phase IV development required balancing the system's multi-phase electrical differences.


Drilling advances

Bit technology

Editorial comment

We knew better

Exploration discoveries


Oil and gas in the capitals

E&P in Myanmar: Doing business in Southeast Asia's pariah

What's new in exploration

50 years of exploration in the Tarim Basin

What's new in production

A gas OPEC, or just hot air?

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Companies in the news

Vol. 229 No. 11 Halliburton has opened a new research and development laboratory for the next generation of Swell Technology products in St

Deepwater Statistics

Global deepwater creaming curve

Industry at a glance

Vol. 229 No. 11   Recent hurricane activity in the US Gulf of Mexico resulted in a sharp decrease in

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Vol. 229 No. 11   Meeting & events   NOVEMBER SPE , 2008 Shale Gas Production Conference, Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, Irving, TX, Nov. 16-18 .

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Vol. 229 No. 11 Miniature check valve

People in industry

Vol. 229 No.11   Knight has named William Keenan as VP-Gulf Coast for Knight Fishing Services. He was previously a Division Manager

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