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Special Focus

Application of intelligent well completion for controlled dumpflood

Use of variable-control valves enables enhanced reservoir management in western Kuwait fields.

Completions system integration test mitigates risk

In a deepwater field off West Africa, a test on an intelligent well completion helped integrate multiple service providers, capture lessons learned and identify best practices.

Field-wide installation of optical sensing technology yields multi-sensing benefits

In-well optical flowmeters and P/T gauges at Buzzard Field show they are a viable alternative to traditional methods.


A drilling mud additive influencing geochemical hydrocarbon interpretation in the northern North Sea

The biomarker hopane, in a mud additive, overprints the hopane signature from oil shows, but other biomarkers remain unaffected.

Automated drilling pressure control in deepwater GOM fields

MPD technology enables re-development drilling in mature fields.

Deepwater statistical report

Explorers continue to find large volumes in deep water, but the biggest finds no longer deliver top returns.

Evaluation of hybrid riser towers as deepwater drill centers

HRTs offer a more robust field layout and can carry more risers than other designs.

Global Petroleum Show expands focus and floor space

The world's largest oil and gas event now features a technical conference, with a focus this year on cost reduction and environmental protection.

High-resolution seismic mapping of a shallow petroleum reservoir

Conventional 3D coverage disappeared in shallow-depth imaging; highresolution data was necessary to determine fault locations.

NOCs and IOCs: It's too complicated for simple answers

While it's often presented as IOC versus NOC, the underlying reasons are much more complex, from national interest to garnering future favor.

Novel capillary injection system restores production in offshore gas wells

The failsafe, thru-tubing system with a unique wellhead adapter allows chemical injection while maintaining functionality of both downhole and surface safety valves.

Sampling and fluid characterization during well testing

A systematic approach to sampling produces benefits for flow assurance design.

Testing on the go saves time, money

An operator in eastern Ecuador takes advantage of existing capabilities to solve reservoir management problems.

The power of the NOCs

IOCs face competition as increasing nationalization and abundant reserves propel NOCs to be 14 of the top 20 oil-producing companies.

What's new in artificial lift?

Part 2—Ten companies offer 16 surface and downhole innovations for electric submersible pumping and other artificial lift operations.

Will EM data gathering in shallow water thrive the way it has in deepwater?

The push is to get into shallow water using techniques different from deepwater methods. Three companies give their unique perspectives.


Drilling advances

A tale of two craftsmen

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What's new in exploration

Another discovery in Belize

What's new in production

Magnetized flow

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