Microflux control MPD improves understanding of downhole events ///

In the oil industry, a simple solution typically is considered insufficient to solve complex problems. There are two main reasons for this thinking: 1. The more complex the solution, the more expensive it is, so service companies can charge higher prices. 2. The more complex the solution, the fewer people that are capable of understanding and delivering it, thus protecting the service companies’ advantage. As the problems faced are thousands of feet below the surface, the correct understanding and interpretation of the problems are difficult. However, the results obtained from more than 46,000 ft drilled with the Micro-Flux Control (MFC) method indicate that a simple solution may provide better insight than a complex one. The industry has made significant progress in the last few years with Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD). Early users succeeded at solving critical problems, reducing downtime, lowering the risks of drilling challenging wells, and reaching TD when it was not possible using conventional drilling.

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