Wear and friction of hard-faced claddings ///

Hard-face claddings are used for banding drill shafts that rotate against well casings while lubricated by drilling mud. To maximize component life, the tribosystem, defined as materials in sliding contract with lubricants or films in the interface, should have the lowest total system wear, and the lowest friction possible in order to minimize drilling power requirements. Blocks representing a variety of hard-face claddings were slid against rotating rings of AISI 4140 casing material and lubricated by simulated drilling mud that consisted of a slurry of silica sand, clay and water. Currently used alloys and several candidate developmental compositions were used as cladding specimens. The results showed an excellent correlation between the friction coefficient and the wear, by weight loss, of both cladding and casing alloys. There was also a good direct correlation between wear of the cladding and wear of the casing. Claddings with finer grain sizes and finer, more uniformly distributed hard carbides had higher hardness...

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