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Special Focus

Combining MPD with downhole valve enables high rate gas wells

These wells can be drilled by deliberately seeking out large fractures and minimizing formation damage by using managed pressure drilling.

Microflux control MPD improves understanding of downhole events

MPD is solving critical problems, reducing downtime, lowering risks of drilling challenging wells and reaching TD where previously impossible.


An empirical study of the generalized fluid method for hydrocarbon discrimination

Fluid indicators vary in sensitivity depending on local conditions. Some are more effective than others, but all are useful.

Analysis of casing while drilling shows faster drilling, higher production rates

Data from more than 250 wells drilled with casing while drilling technology provides an extensive database for risk modeling assessment and prediction.

Deepwater statistical report: GOM development portfolio analysis

An analysis of the Gulf of Mexico’s probable development portfolio can help us better understand the remaining potential of the US GOM.

Downhole power unit overcomes HPHT problem

Economically setting sump packers by wireline saves Chevron's Tahiti deepwater project significant rig-time cost.

Dynamic balancing of bit/reamer cutters improves drilling performance

In GOM's deepest productive well, operator optimizes under-reaming while drilling operation using FEA.

Effect of multiple, intercalated sediments on seismic data

Seismic from basalt flows in the Deccan Traps shows the difficulty in modeling complex, multi-layered sequences.

Recent advances in well logging and formation evaluation

Developments include new wireline and while-drilling depth-correction methods; telemetry technology; acoustic, resistivity and production logging devices; formation testers; and surface logging technology.

Seven years of successfully constructing difficult North Sea HPHT wells using cesium formate brine

Statoil drilled 13 and completed 20 HPHT development wells with cesium formate brines without a single well control incident.

Single well, single gas phase technique is key to unique method of extracting oil vapors from oil shale

An in situ gas injection and extraction solution to recovering nearly 100% of oil from conventional resources and oil shale is being proposed for development, and could potentially solve the technical barriers surrounding other EOR techniques.

Three-part strategy eliminates an intermediate string

Low-solids, non-dispersed drilling fluid, hydraulics modeling and engineered sweeps save $500 thousand on a South Texas well.

Wear and friction of hard-faced claddings

Vol. 229 No. 3   DRILLING Wear and friction of hard-faced claddings Block-on-ring test configuration shows that cladding microstructure in new developmental alloys effects both cladding and casing wear.   John Truhan ,* University of Tennessee, Ravi Menon, Frank

Wireline formation tester avoids dew point problems

Oval-shaped pad design enables encompassment of a significant vertical length of borehole while establishing a pressure seal with the formation, and is effective when testing thinly laminated, tight formations, and fractured or vuggy carbonates.


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Peak and ye shall find—it's not so bad

Exploration discoveries

BP made an important oil discovery in the Gulf of Suez, Northern Shedwan Block, Egypt.

Oil and gas in the capitals

Brazil moving toward export

What's new in exploration

NAPE exhibitors miss the mark

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Ultra-sonic crude heating

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Output increases in China, Brazil and Canada were the principal factors in January’s growth of world oil supply.

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Vol. 229 No. 3   Meeting & events   MARCH AEE (Association of Energy Engineers), GLOBALCON 2008, Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX,

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Shah Field work awarded to ConocoPhillips