MEOR study enhanced production in a high-temperature reservoir ///

Microbiological technology for Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR) based on the activation of the stratal microflora was tested in the high-temperature horizons of the Kongdian reservoir (60˚C) of the Dagang oil field in China. Monitoring the physicochemical, microbiological and production characteristics of the test site revealed changes in the ecosystem as a result of the biotechnology application. Data on oil stratum microflora are still fragmentary despite the fact that petroleum microbiology was established as a field of science 80 years ago. That fermentative, sulfate-, sulfur- and iron-reducing bacteria, as well as acetogens and methanogens, inhabit oil fields is common knowledge. The exploitation of oil fields with waterflooding results in the appearance of oxygen in Tests performed in Russian oil fields over the past several years have indicated possible stratal microbial community. This knowledge provides a theoretical basis for the development of a new MEOR biotechnology.

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