July 2008 ///

Special Focus

Evolution of drilling programs and complex well profiles drive development of fourth-generation hardband technology

Three-year development program and field tests result in spall-resistant, high-performance hardband.

Expandable technology matures

After many years of tool and application development, niches continue to be filled as operators face multiple well challenges.

Single diameter expandable casing applications continue to advance

But the pace is slow, as the high cost of the technology keeps it to a niche category of applications.

Tailor-made casing withstands mildly sour environment at cost savings

A custom P110 pipe grade enabled an East Texas operator to drill and complete wells in the presence of H2S without resorting to costly C110 or T95 casing.


A complex, deepwater seismic survey produces high quality results

A case history from the Turkish Black Sea shows good results despite difficult geology and acquisition conditions.

A decade of oriented perforating for sand control

Use of the completion method on the Norwegian shelf confirms its usefulness for sand prevention in suitable fields, and offers insight into the shelf's in situ stress conditions.

Deepwater acid stimulation accomplished using CT, DP drillship and FPSO

Bijupirá Field's production system integrity required testing for fluid compatibility with system components and tuning of acid neutralizing processes.

Deepwater currents examined in the eastern GOM

First observations from 25.5ºN and 87ºW show that deepwater currents form Loop Current rings.

Deepwater statistics

Discovery costs in deepwater continue to rise with inflation.

Entering multilateral wells using coiled tubing

Using a lateral entry tool with coiled tubing enhances production and injection, saving time and adding payzone.

Helicopter magnetic survey conducted to locate wells

In preparation for a CO2 flood, the survey was used to fill the gaps in a well database drilled during 90 years of operations.

Industry remains buoyant in North Sea

Independents are taking the lead at the wellhead as drilling continues to rise and licensing activity booms.

New hydrajet tool demonstrates improved life for perforating and fracturing applications

Complete overhaul of design concepts for tool results in unique improvements.

Oriented perforating using abrasive fluid through coiled tubing

Designed for multiple completions, abrasive perforating reduces debris obstruction and enhances safety.

Selection of fracturing fluid for stimulating tight gas reservoirs

Virtually all wells completed in tight gas sands and shales require fracturing. A flowchart was developed to help pick the right fluid for the job.


Drilling advances

OPEC changes

Editorial comment

The fire down below

Exploration discoveries

Inherently safe designs

Oil and gas in the capitals


What's new in exploration

Deconstructing peak oil: An interview with Nansen G. Saleri

What's new in production

Putin and Medvedev: Sharing ideas, trading places, dividing power?

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Companies in the news

Vol. 229 No. 7 Schlumberger announced the acquisition of exclusive distribution rights in the upstream oil and gas industry

Industry at a glance

Vol. 229 No.7   In May, global oil supply increased by 520,000 bpd to 86.13

Meetings and Events

Vol. 229 No. 7   Meeting & events AUGUST SPE , Intelligent Completions-Emerging Technology Workshop, San Antonio, TX,  Aug. 11-12. Cont

New products

Vol. 229 No. 6 Multiple wellbores from a single location

People in industry

Vol. 229 No.7   Knight Oil Tools has promoted Pat McLaughlin to Executive VP. He will oversee Knight Oil Tools, Knigh

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