The Future of Visualization: Vision 2020 ///

In the rapidly changing visualization world, the future is not just about 3D, as Bill Gates would have it, but is a fully immersive and interactive world that will allow our children to unlock the oil and gas potential in the rock- and fluid-scapes beneath us. Teams use 3D visualization images to share knowledge or complex data. Clever visualization allows us to see anomalies and attributes in both the subsurface and surface worlds, leading to reduction of uncertainty and a swifter project turn-around. Whether we’re concerned with prospect evaluation, well planning, reservoir engineering or surface facility design, bringing 3D visualization into everyday practice must be a priority. In the near future, conventional 3D visualization will focus on higher resolution and improved image quality. Blending techniques will improve, and future digital projectors will be brighter and cheaper. Auto-stereo techniques are improving, though most of these are suitable for one viewer only...

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