Maximizing drilling efficiency in Bunga-Kekwa's high-angle wells ///

Talisman has established new drilling practices using an optimized hole-cleaning management process that has enhanced hole-cleaning performance. This article explains how drilling parameters were managed to improve and optimize drilling performance on development wells in Bunga-Kekwa Field in Malaysia. The technical challenges to drilling high-angle wells are many. The objective is to achieve operational efficiency within the required safety margins and at identifiable cost savings. When drilling highly deviated and complex wells, this means optimizing operational parameters and procedures for efficient hole-cleaning and frictional-load control. Hole cleaning is one of the main issues when drilling deviated wells, whether in cased or open hole. Well sections with inclinations above 40° have been identified in the lab and confirmed in the field to be the zones with cuttings sedimentation and recirculation problems. In these wells, hole cleaning is often perceived as a straightforward process...

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