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Special Report

How to identify underground blowouts

Since you can't see them, what do you use to find them? This part of this long-running series describes the use of logging tools to locate underground blowouts.

Simultaneous drilling and snubbing operations speed completion and production in difficult Rocky Mountain fields

Advanced, simultaneous drilling and completion practices allow efficient production from a previously uneconomic play, while limiting impact on a sensitive environment.

Vulnerability and imagination in the Snorre A gas blowout and recovery

The entrainment of safety-critical work in a culture of business performance optimization created conditions that led to a near-disastrous subsea blowout in 2004; the crew's imaginative capabilities saved the day.


A metallurgical approach to the design of hardbanding alloys

Using micro-structural and metallurgical criteria to develop alloys leads to compromise between tool joint wear and casing wear resistance.

Are wells perforated on depth today?

The neglect of +50-yr-old technology results in wells perforated off depth, while packers, cement retainers and bridge plugs are set too high.

Coiled tubing becomes the key enabler for successful multilateral well development campaign offshore Brazil

To develop the mature Pampo Field offshore Brazil, Schlumberger used CT in perforating, logging for cement evaluation, stimulation and stiffline operations

Gas monetization technologies remain tantalizingly on the brink

Gas-to-liquid must prove economically and environmentally efficient to break into the evolving gas market.

Maximizing drilling efficiency in Bunga-Kekwa's high-angle wells

Proper hole cleaning reduced torque and drag from cuttings dunes, while helping prevent stuck pipe, lost circulation and hole instability.

Production systems hit the seafloor running

The past year was the biggest yet for subsea production, with numerous subsea boosting and separation systems being installed and more on the way.

RMOTC tests Vortex Flow surface tools

Positive results were seen when units were put through tests dealing with pressure reduction and ice and paraffin blockage.

The Future of Visualization: Vision 2020

Issues and opportunities for collaboration today and in the future were discussed at a recent conference.

The impact of “Mahogany" on West Africa's deepwater region

The “Mahogany" oil discovery offshore Ghana has the potential to not only transform the Ghanaian oil and gas industry, but also make an impact on the wider West African region as well.

The Third OPEC Summit: A report from the field

The three official themes took a back seat to discussion of high prices. The defacto theme was that “It's not the fundamentals."

Trapped annular pressure mitigation: A spacer fluid that shrinks

Chevron's new approach to reducing trapped annular pressure uses a water-based spacer fluid which shrinks by 20%, creating room for the remaining fluids' thermal expansion.


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Natural gas supply and demand

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State firm Sonatrach discovered gas in the Ahnet Basin of southwestern Algeria.

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World oil supply increased by 1.4 million barrels a day in October

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Vol. 299 No. 1   Meeting & events   FEBRUARY PLCA (Pipe Line Contractors Association), Annual Convention, Hyatt Regency, Kauai HI, Feb. 20-25

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Alaska passes new tax bill