United States: Washington in 2008 ///

Now that leftist Democratic candidates Dennis Kucinich and John Edwards have dropped out of the race, there seem to be no substantial differences in energy policy among the presidential aspirants, regardless of party. All mouth the conventional blather with which politicians have been boring us for years: climate change, renewables, sustainability (whatever that is), greenhouse gases, energy efficiency and the need to attain US energy independence, which is clearly impossible. Hopeless rubbish, in other words. Meanwhile, Bill Richardson, the candidate who (in theory at least) should know the most about energy, dropped out of the presidential race on January 10. Gasoline prices are on people’s minds, but no politician has come up with a plan to do anything meaningful about them and the soccer mums seem entirely resistant to abandoning their SUVs and Hummers. Some economists believe that the economic burden of high gasoline prices today is greatly overstated...

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