Produced water treatment equipment: replace or repair? ///

It’s no secret that the offshore oil industry is aging. From the Gulf of Mexico to the North Sea, to the Middle East and beyond, operating platforms are now nearing or surpassing the 40-year mark. Many are in remarkably good condition, but others are not. Many of the equipment packages on older platforms have not fared as well as the platforms themselves. In general, offshore equipment designs incorporate a 20-30-year design life, and that range assumes an aggressive maintenance program. Offshore produced water treatment equipment is no exception. In fact, this equipment faces tougher challenges than most other topside equipment does: High operating temperatures, a salt-laden atmosphere, openness to the atmosphere and designs and geometries that accelerate corrosion all add up to a reduced life span. More often than not, operators replace skimmers, Corrugated Plate Interceptor (CPI) units and flotation cells more frequently than other equipment on the platform.

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