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For those unfamiliar with Western schoolboy culture, a “wedgie” is what occurs when someone sneaks up behind you, grabs your underwear, and pulls it up quickly, wedging it between your butt cheeks; hence the name. An “atomic wedgie” is essentially the same thing, only the underwear is pulled up so high that it can be brought down and over the head and eyes of the victim. Admittedly, it’s a theoretical construction, since in reality, underwear will rip before they will stretch that far. But it was still a fun goal to shoot for. I’m sometimes told to “keep it simple” in this column. That won’t be possible this time. So if you’re not familiar with oilfield volumes and units, you might want to stop here. As part of this forecast, we ask state and governmental agencies for their well-drilling and production data. On the production side, there are more sources of data than ever; unfortunately, they rarely agree.

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