Reducing hazards by redirecting fluids ///

State-of-the-art rig safety and spill prevention systems can be installed on any rig, in any working environment, requiring no structural modifications to the rig. The devices are passive and protect both the worker and the environment through complete containment of drilling fluids in and around the rig floor. Safety and cost impacts are greatest when using hazardous materials such as invert or oil-based fluids. Difficult and expensive cleanup practices can be easily avoided using Katch Kan’s Rig Safety System (RSS) and Zero Spill System (ZSS). The systems are composed of off-the-shelf, self-contained components that integrate to contain, redirect, recycle and reuse drilling fluid. All components are made from polymers that are lightweight and strong, while being temperature and invert resistant. The heart of the RSS is the Kelly Kan, a device that fits on regular drillstring, heavyweight pipe, saver subs, service tubing, casing and test tools to control and redirect drilling fluid released.

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