New rig's raising system enables drill floor and mast to be raised in one operation ///

Veristic Technologies’ new Rocket Rig was designed to simplify the rig-up process, Fig. 1. Its main design features include a ground-level horizontal assembly for the entire mast, substructure and drill floor. The mast and entire drill floor can be raised to working height in a single operation with the Dog-Tail raising system. This system is built in to the substructure with hydraulic winches, sheaves and wirelines. The raising system stays inside the substructure during the rig move. The mast lifting line can be strung up easily and safely because it runs from pin to pin without stringing through break-over sheaves inside the mast as in conventional rigs. All mast pedestals are under the drill floor inside the substructure near ground level for better stability and less vibration at the drill floor. The mast, drill floor and substructure components are designed for transportation without further disassembling.

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