Improved offline tree deployment, new tongs ///

Increased global drilling activities have led to a surge in new vessel construction. This has fostered an emphasis on increased efficiency and flat time reduction, especially in the newbuild sector where more activities are being performed offline. Designed by ODS International, Inc., the Offline Tree Deployment System (OTDS) provides a dedicated means of running subsea trees, which is completely independent of all well center activities. This deployment system significantly reduces the tree-running times, Fig. 1. The system is based on a robust set of cantilever beams and A-frame, which enable the OTDS to be scaled to meet any tree-handling needs. The beams contain skid rails built onto their inside faces to accommodate a hydraulically driven tree skid. These beams carry a Christmas tree, stored offline, to a position below the electrical winch system, mounted on top of the A-frame. The winch lifts the tree off the base, allowing the tree skid to return to its offline position.

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