Improved dewatering process management control ///

Kem-Tron Technologies has developed a Human Machine Interface (HMI) software control system that optimizes process performance. Key performance breakthroughs in the newest HMI Technology (patent pending) take onboard laboratory analysis developed in the Reardon vortex test and apply these data into a computer-managed, chemical-feed system. The vortex test determines the chemical dosage needed to develop a hard flocculation. When chemicals are added at the proper dosage, colloidal solids with particle sizes greater than 5 micron are removed from the drilling fluid waste by particle charge destabilization with a high cationic-charged/low molecular weight organic polymer. These particles are aggregated together to form a “hard floc” with the addition of a varying anionic-charged/high molecular weight organic polymer. Formulas convert the chemical dosages derived from the test into pump units (gpm). The software adjusts liquid flow, product feed, chemical demand and process parameters. Devices are controlled from a single, touch-screen, process management control center.

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