Downhole tool, designed to deploy sand screens in ERD wells, saves Opex, reduces risk and improves operational efficiency ///

Allowing string rotation above sand-control screens and liners in high-angle/ERD or tortous wells helps achieve getting to TD. This ability to rotate the drill pipe is advantageous because drag is reduced in the rotating pipe string, creating more available weight at surface in case screens need to be pushed in place. If there is a requirement to convert the string to a fully locked string and if torque needs to be transmitted below the tool, then simply pressuring up and engaging a clutch mechanism enables full drill-pipe torque to be transmitted below the tool. INTRODUCTION Using the new SwivelMASTER (Fig. 1) as a single tool eliminates the need for picking up drill collars or Hevi-Wate drill pipe to make more surface weight available. This saves time, enhances safety and eliminates unnecessary manual handling. Alternative applications using numerous drill-pipe-based roller bearing subs took significant time to pick up and lay out...

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