Outer riser system for Anadarko's Constitution spar allows dry trees ///

Development of deepwater fields using dry-tree systems, instead of subsea systems, provides many benefits. As operators have developed fields in deeper water, costs and technical challenges of providing top tension for these riser systems have increased. Measures to reduce the weight of the risers, while maintaining the required fatigue performance, enable use of the top-tensioned risers (TTR) in these deeper waters. Higher grade risers with threaded and coupled (T&C) connectors allow for significant weight reduction of the riser and provide feasible solutions for development of these deepwater or high-pressure fields, where surface production is preferred. Riser and facility design teams must address many challenges in the design, manufacture and installation of the TTR. The integration with other parts of the riser system, the onshore fabrication of pre-assembled components, the riser installation equipment and long-term riser integrity management issues are all critical aspects of the development.

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