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Natural gas production is high on most everyone’s list, depending on the type. World Oil’s re-cent forecast (February 2007) recorded a return to US gas production growth. Across the globe, there are major investments in gas field development, as well as new pipeline infrastructure. Some areas, like Canada, will see a drop in gas production, even as the need grows for new resources. Oil output is up this year as well, which increases associated methane (CH4). Natural gas is a wonderful fuel, but it carries its own environmental issues—greenhouse gases from raw release (CH4) and flaring (CO2). If anything, CH4 releases do more harm than CO2 on a same-volume basis. But, more CO2 is released than CH4, so CO2 gets the blame for creating a gaseous, warming presence in the atmosphere. However, there is good news on both fronts. There are effective CO2 uses and there is progress on associated gas flaring.

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