Controlling the Well 23 blowout in Iran's Kangan field ///

Iran's Western Zagross Production Company reported a sudden, substantial production decrease from Well 23 on 9 October 2005. A well-site inspection indicated the well had blown out underground, channeled to surface and was creating a large crater near the wellhead. The high flowrate was blowing rock debris out of the 50-m deep crater, Fig. 1. The shallow nature of the well, subsequent cratering and fire required five different well paths to establish sufficient connectivity, and an all-out pumping assult to control the well. BACKGROUND Kangan field is the second largest Iranian gas and condensate producer, ranking just behind the huge Fars field. Kangan reservoir is part of the expansive Khuff zone of fractured limestone reaching west as part of Qatar's North Gas field and east into Iran. The well is 20 km north of Kangan City in the Zagross foothills of Fars Province.

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