Personnel shortages just don't solve themselves ///

Perhaps the knottiest problem facing the global upstream industry today is personnel shortages and logistics. It is a complex problem with many facets. There are issues surrounding how to attract and retain young people for the next generation of work. There are also challenges related to retaining and rewarding veteran employees, particularly those with 20-plus years of service. At Colorado School of Mines (CSM), our mission is to educate and update people for careers as petroleum engineers. In that effort, we come into contact with many stories, facts, trends and studies. Accordingly, what follows are my observations, experiences and suggestions, as relate to upstream personnel challenges. OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNGER PEOPLE The market for younger people in the upstream industry right now is fantastic. I know this, because I’m here with our students all the time and am fully engaged with the global industry. I’ve been the Petroleum Engineering (PE) Department head here 27 years, and I have many compatriots at schools worldwide.

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