Petroleum Technology Digest: Seeing a reservoir's character from solution gas ///

Black Diamond Energy used WellDog's advanced reservoir characterization down-hole spectroscopy to directly analyze heterogeneity in gas content, critical desorption pressure, and required drawdown in the CW coal bed methane field in the Powder River basin. The data revealed surprising heterogeneity in coal seam properties and showed that further development should proceed in a specific direction. In addition, the reservoir's heterogeneity revealed discontinuities in the coal-seam aquifer that guided subsequent dewatering and production strategies. DOWNHOLE RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY A number of techniques are available for gas-property characterization of coalbed reservoirs. The traditional method, gas desorption from core sampling, and its low-cost version, gas desorption from cuttings, are both limited in representing the reservoir, since they are highly susceptible to near-wellbore petrology variations. In addition, they are tedious to employ and disrupt the completion and production schedule. Fortunately, WellDog adapted a downhole Raman spectrometer to analyze coalbed reservoir properties.

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