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Special Focus

Codifying fracture closure stress and lost returns practices

An ExxonMobil author discusses the latest thinking on managing pressure while drilling, including advances in modeling and understanding rock stresses.

Compressible cement compositions improve isolation

It’s time to take a fresh look at an inexpensive cement additive that has proven highly effective in preventing fluid migration in Russia.

Real-time geosteering captures heavy oil sands value

Drilling specialists developed a method for controlling horizontal wellbore placement with real-time geosteering in a heavy oil field in Alberta, Canada.


Comparing oil-in-water measurement

Faced with variations in government regulations and measurement methods, industry personnel would be well served by a call for standardization.

Heterogeneity quantification, fine-scale layering derived from image logs and cores

Derived from fine-scale layering, an improved static geological model improves reservoir simulation in a large oil field offshore Abu Dhabi.

Petroleum Technology Digest: Airlift pumping reduces costs, boosts revenue in Illinois stripper wells

Using airlift pumping in place of conventional rod pumping in Illinois basin wells reduced failures, lost output and high costs.

Produced-water chemical treatments enable environmental compliance

Once the numerous misconceptions about treating produced water are identified, it becomes obvious that many chemical types can produce similar results.

Shaping the peak of world oil production

The venerable bell curve appears to have a sharp, unseen crest.

Small-scale reservoir modeling tool optimizes recovery offshore Norway

Modeling of small-scale bedding geometries improves recovery estimates in Norwegian oil fields, yielding at least 8 million extra barrels of oil.

Utilization of rig fleet tightens significantly

The 52nd annual ReedHycalog Rig Census finds US utilization at nearly 100%, while Canada has a big gain, spurring new rig construction.


Drilling advances

Reversing the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving would benefit drilling.

Editorial Comment

Vile photons: The state of solar energy.

International Politics

Venezuela’s Chavez spreads his influence; Ecuador’s upstream suffers.

What's new in production

Getting production back online from an electrical viewpoint.

What's new in exploration

The strangest thing that I know.

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